PVC Frames

This 70 mm wide system is economic and intended for private and commercial buildings of a good standard.

The Thermo-Design 70 multi-chamber system from Rehau offers economic solutions and a wide variety of options in a section width of 70 mm. This system is ideally intended for individual houses, but is also suitable for major projects. The well thought-out design of this system enhances both the good thermal insulation and the extraordinary strength of the system.


  • Section width: 70 mm/system with double barrier seal system
  • Number of chambers: several
  • Insulation: Uf = 1,3W/m²K (with standard reinforcement)
  • Insulation: with thermal breakdown reinforcement Uf = 1.2W/m²K
  • Resistance to intrusion: class 3 (DIN V ENV 16277)
  • Water and air leaks: height 50 m (DIN 18055)
  • Corners free from condensation

Design :

  • Window of conventional form or a designer window
  • Significant options to create with shapes, colours and finishes
  • The clear grey joints harmonise perfectly with white sections
  • The edges of the sections, bevelled at 20°, contribute to their elegance
Possible applications:

  • New building and renovation focused on energy efficiency
  • Building of frames and French windows
  • High quality dwellings and industrial buildings
  • Joined units to floor height, using robust reinforcements;
  • For improved thermal insulation, at the same time using standard reinforcements.


  • Section surface smooth and easy to maintain
  • Sloping doorframe with rebate: improved drainage and ease of maintenance
  • Ideal static qualities, very strong reinforcements
  • Graduated strength reinforcements for main sections
  • Integrated seals for more rational manufacture and longer life
  • Respect for the environment, our sections are entirely recoverabl
Alto PVC Frames