Who are we ?

Driven by ever-increasing market demand, our aims for 2002 were ambitious. The new strategy included the following changes, which are now either completed or nearing completion:

  • building a new, more spacious and functional workshop
  • setting up a new, integrated and automated production line
  • installing a new computer program (WinPro) to optimise the production process and enable customers to order on line: this program also provides real, physical order tracking in the workshop. The program can also produce a complete quotation, complete with the technical details of Alto Services’ frames.

Some of the ways we have optimised production:

  • stock management
  • order analysis
  • individual identification of units
  • twin welding and deburring lines
  • very high-throughput machines
  • enhanced machine productivity
  • finishing and quality control
  • future investments: bending machine, 2nd machine shop, overhead crane for high-level storage.