PVC Ironmongery

New TITAN AF standard ironmongery

Improved window latch and thickness reduced to 9 mm.
This high quality ironmongery guarantees you security and ease in your everyday living.

  • Foolproof movement built into the stay prevents return to the leaf when the frame is dropping
  • Pad included in the window latch arm functions as a damper which allows the window to open gently in the falling position
  • Window booster with foolproof movement built-in, operational in the falling position
  • All locking points are “Confort 3D” mushroom pins with automatic height adjustment. Uncompromising security
  • Zamac crampons for perfect fixing, designed for use with power screwdrivers
  • All security locks use a single type of striker plate: the ideal solution for automatic striker plate mounting
  • The WK2 level of security can be achieved without any additional parts other than an extension mounted very easily on the existing parts thanks to a new “click systems” hooking concept
  • Spring lock operating only in the inward opening position, in the falling position, the fitting controls the opening of the lock to release the tilting
  • Optionally, “all seasons” system (winter-summer position)